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As schools, libraries and community centers become hotbeds for maker spaces, fablabs and tinkering zones, there is a real need to train and support the those who are delivering programs from those spaces. Your partners at Tinker Camp know that it is not enough to buy a 3D printer or soldering iron. There must be skilled mentors and a well thought-out curricular program behind it all, guiding decisions and implementation. It is essential that strong programming and curricular design is developed right alongside creative and cutting edge spaces.

Tinker Camp consultant-educators have the experience and understanding that comes from working in formal and non-formal learning environments, and currently support a variety of organizations that are in the same making and tinkering sphere as you. We provide individuals, schools and organizations custom coaching options for training, developmental support, and educational strategies. Our expertise is not just theoretical because Tinker Camp consultant-educators also practice in our camps and community enrichment programs. Not only can we develop your skills and in-depth understanding of how to use tinkering and making as an educational tool, we also can show you the power of Tinker Camp's unique narrative-based teaching philosophy.

Tinkering Workshops for Educators: With over 30 years of combined classroom experience in pre-k through post-secondary environments, the Tinker Camp consultant-educators have a clear understanding of the needs and pressures that you experience every day. Our workshops are designed to inspire you and to provide real skills, ideas and strategies so you can easily make tinkering and making possible in any classroom or learning environment. These workshops provide a mixture of hands-on experiences, instruction and philosophical background, along with tools, materials and support. And whether your program is in a library, community center or school, your consultant-educator will be there to provide ongoing coaching.

Tinkering Program Design: Tinker Camp's narrative based tinkering experience provides an engaging context for children to learn and explore. Where some tinkering experiences focus on a particular product or skill, we believe that the reason or context for tinkering is just as important. By developing intriguing and dynamic narratives, your students will not only gain skills, but will also make deeper connections to the work and to their fellow campers. Tinker Camp consultant-educators practice this technique and can help you bring a program that fits the needs of your unique community and enriches the experience. We also use Design Thinking strategies to create the initial program and will back you up with ongoing program support.

Educator Embedding: The best way to get a feel for what our techniques and philosphy can bring to your program is to participate in a Tinker Camp first hand. We provide summer opportunities where you will be embedded with our Tinker Camp consultant-educators at a real Tinker Camp. You can choose either a single day visit or, even better, a full week embed where you will plan, teach and debrief right beside the Tinker Camp team. This is the ultimate in professional development. An embedded experience is essential if you are creating an in-school program, adding tinkering to an extracurricular event or even creating your own summertime tinkering camp.

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