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Season 1 of Tinkering For Grown-Ups

Event space and beer fueled by Lagunitas Community Room
237 NE Broadway, Suite 300
Episode Date Narrative  
1 January 16th Intergalactic Mayflower Imagine if it was your responsibility to save humanity. In this episode, we will be doing just that by creating a spacecraft capable of carrying a select crew into the furthest reaches of space. Using motors, tape, lights and anything in our mad collection of materials and tools we will undertake a number of tinkering challenges designed to get us all into space.
2 February 13th The Carnival! Everyone loves a carnival. There are exhilarating rides, unusual characters and animals and challenging games. In this episode, we will put on a carnival that you design, build and run. Want to invent mini-carnival rides from used toys? Have you ever dreamed of making hand cranked mechanical toys? Then join us for an evening of carnival fun. You may get a chance to try out juggling, tight-rope and stilt walking, and you'll participate in a variety of theatrical and artistic experiences all based on the fascinating world of The Carnival. Come one, Come all!
3 March 13th,   TBA
4 April 10th   TBA
5 May 8th   TBA
6 June 12th   TBA


About Tinkering for Grown-Ups:
Almost from the day we started Tinker Camp, parents have said, "I wish you would do this for adults."

And so we did.

Our goal is to offer a similar building/making/tinkering experience as we offer the kids at our summer camps.... albeit more compressed and with beer. Of course we are doing this to have fun, but also to demonstrate how our narrative-based, open tinkering system works. We hope that you will expand your understanding of the use of narrative for your kids, whether they are your own or they are in your classroom. The Tinkering for Grown-ups events are free of charge and are 21 and older only.

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